For The Modern Home

Designed To Bring Life To Your Home And Elevate Your Lifestyle

Endless Possibilities To Decorate.


We would like to create the perfect aesthetically pleasing home and workplace for as many people possible & our best bet at that is by providing our unique products and designs worldwide.

  • Our minimalistic aesthetic enhancing shelves bring your home more in touch with your self creativity so be as creative as possible. It's the perfect way to bring life around a bland home!

  • Why StreamDecor Is For You

    The centerpiece of beauty- StreamDecor's modern and minimalistic look can find ample space in all your rooms and become the center of attention.

    Design your masterpiece- For lovers of art, you cna design yoru own lovely decor. The shelves are a blank canvas you can design.

  • More about us

    StreamDecor enriches the atmosphere around you with life without taking space out of the room. Transform your home's aesthetic with the help of StreamDecor.

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